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Letters from our readers.

GIPTN Service

Sylvia & Graham Sell writes...

We congratulate John Callanan for his forthright letter relating to positioning of the terminus point for the GIPTN service to Wilderness. However, the question that also needs to be answered is why our councilor has not supported the wishes of his constituents, which were once again repeated by the majority of residents gathered at the recent Ratepayers AGM. As Cllr. Van Wyk is the elected representative of Ward 4, this seems rather curious, particularly as Sanparks intend greatly upgrading the preferred terminus area as the gateway to the Garden Route National Park. The argument that it will take too long for the Municipality to negotiate agreements with Sanparks is specious, as this process, had it been started when the subject first arose, would already be completed. What is most disturbing is that the future of Wilderness seems to have become a political football in a Council that has, in general, forgotten their responsibilities towards their electorate. They will no doubt remember in 2015 when the next Municipal elections are due, but perhaps we, at the same time, will not forget how poorly represented we have been.
Further comment on the Joint statement on the George Integrated Public Transport System, issued by WRRA and the Department Civil Engineering Services of the George Municipality.

Follow on letter

John Callanan writes...

Further to my letter published in Wild News on the 13th December 2013 regarding the joint statement issued by the WRRA and George Municipality on the new bus service, I would like to briefly update readers who were not present at the WRRA AGM held on 18th December.
During the course of discussion on the new bus service, I requested the approximately 100 members present to indicate by show of hands if any were in favour of locating the bus terminal in front of the Karos Hotel, even if only on a temporary basis. Not a single individual present wanted this option while all wanted it located at one of the alternative sites indentified during the public participation exercise. Someone sitting close to me commented “now that’s public participation”. I asked our local Councellor, Leon v Wyk, who was present to please take note.
Brian Musto also asked Leon to give the meeting an unequivocal undertaking that the Council was committed to ultimately moving the terminus to the SANParks site, once approval was obtained for this site, but he avoided giving us this assurance.
Another key issue raised was the unsuitability of White’s Road for the service to Wilderness Heights. Here once again Leon’s response was not at all convincing and one was left with the impression that the consultants had not done their homework properly and had simply ignored the input received from the public.

Hats off to Flava Café

Ada den Hollander writes...

We (my husband and I and two friends) had dinner at Flava on the 30st December. The place was packed. We were attended to immediately and professionally. Unfortunately the wine we ordered was sold out, so the waiter recommended another one, which we also really liked.
Our food (delicious!) was on the table within 15 minutes, apparently the kitchen staff knows exactly what is asked from them.
Happy with everything we got the bill and I saw that the originally ordered wine was on there, so I thought the wine we had, had the same price. No problem. The next day I got a phone call from our waiter telling me that the wine we drank was cheaper than the other one, so I can come and collect the change any time. It will be in the safe waiting for me.
Isn’t that incredible?
Thanks Flava for your professionalism.

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